The Importance of Home Health Care

Local and national media is increasingly reporting on the health care needs of our aging population.  Caring Professionals Home Care has been and continues to be one of the premier home health care providers in Minnesota serving the needs of this state’s citizens.  Over the next two years, we expect some significant changes in how our government manages health care.  Here are some interesting facts:

– The number of Americans over age 65 is expected to grow 3% each year over the next decade.

– In the same period, senior citizens will grow from 13% of the population to over 16%, an increase of 14 million people.

– Over 83% of people who die of heart disease are 65 years and older. A 65 year old person is twice as likely to have a stroke than a 55 year old person.

– As reported by Forbes, over 80% of middle aged and senior citizens prefer treatment in their own home to inpatient treatment at a healthcare facility.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) recently published proposed payment changes for 2011. While there are various pieces to it, the net effect is about a 4.75% decrease in Medicare payments to home health agencies next year, with a similar additional reduction in 2012.

Caring Professional’s pledge to its current and prospective clients is that we will continue to provide high quality service in this challenging environment.  We also encourage our clients to contact their representatives in Congress and let them know how they feel about the importance of home healthcare.  To get started, you can click on the following link: